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  • Balinese Rice Terrace Field
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2017 Report

2017 Annual Chapter Report

Chapter Name: GRS29/AES10 Joint Chapter, Indonesia Section

Chapter Officers: Arifin Nugroho (Chair), Wahyudi Hasbi (Vice-Chair), Oni Bibin Bintoro (Secretary), Arief Hamdani Gunawan (Treasurer)

  1. Technical Seminars Organized: (for each seminar, provide speaker name, affiliation, date of visit, title of talk, number of people in attendance, location, whether the speaker was a GRSS Distinguished Lecturer, etc.)

The Maison Franco-Japonaise, http://www.mfj.gr.jp/index.php, 3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013 Japan, 2017 October 4 (13:00—18:20) , October 5 (19:00 – 17: 10)

http:// www.ieice.org/ken/program/index.php?tgs_regid=ba3d99bc8a0d609c9f22f30754f48bd1flda2552c8cdf74b9lb70c646bbe57b8&tgid=IEICE-SANE&lang=eng

A technical activity has been organized jointly by and between Technical Committee on Space, Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics (SANE), IEICE,  and GRSS CHAPNET 2017 (IEEE GRSS All Japan Chapter, IEEE GRSS Gujarat India and IEEE GRSS/AESS Indonesia).

The above said GRSS CHAPNET Workshop represents a Special Lecture Session, being a part of the  two-day technical meeting consists of two folds of workshops:

  • Workshop on GPR measurements of active faults and tsunami sediments
  • Workshop on Subsurface Electronic Measurements.

In particular, the CHAPNET workshop has been scheduled as a one session in the Workshop on Subsurface Electronic Measurements.


  1. Other Technical Activities (technology initiatives, development of focused technical topics, instrumentation, etc.)

GRSS/AESS J. Chapter of Indonesia Section has met with the Indonesian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS, or MAPIN, as it is called, locally) on 14 December 2016, at PT UNISAT Office in Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of the meeting was to explore a possibility for two organization to support each other in advancing the activities in the Remote Sensing Research, Education, and Industry. This is inspired and driven by the fact that there are more and more requirement in the government managements to being assisted by the Remote Sensing Data and Information.

The two organizations have finally agreed to bound up one another in the upcoming years toward the strengthening the presence of Remote Sensing Technology in assisting the society in resolving their daily problems : the agriculture, forestries,  environment, city planning, fisheries, weather forecasts, security, transportation, etc.

In particular, they will be cooperating each other (in future) in supporting two major events during the year in Remote Sensing Technology.


  1. Education and Outreach (development or sponsorship of short courses, workshops, tutorials, open houses, etc.)


The Short Course on STOCHASTIC OPTIMAL CONTROL, Applied for Aerospace Electronics, is about the introduction of the said subject, delivered to the students, lecturers, and professionals, at the Telkom University, Bandung Indonesia.

The syllabus of the course consists of two big subjects : a) Kalman Filter, b) Incorporation of the Kalman Filter at the Optimal Control.  The course was given by Arifin Nugroho (Sr. Life Member of IEEE, also a CTO at UNISAT Co) and Larasmoyo Nugroho (Non Member, working as an Aerospace Designer at LAPAN (Indonesian Aerospace Agency). To make the course enjoyable to the audience who were mostly undergraduate students, the lecturers organized the course in a Teaming Lecturing. The first speaker delivered mostly the conceptual parts of the subject(s) whereas the second gave the vibrance by delivering numerous examples backed up by Matlabs-run results, plus some drawn from existing on-line of Kalman Filtering illustrations.

It was quite an experience to teach in less than a day the audience with less familiarity in ODE, matrix analysis, functional analysis, stochastic process and optimal control, which forced the speakers to do more heuristic approach in delivering the materials, with an attempt to show more practical synthesis.


  1. Professional Development (career advising, mentoring, etc.)

The meeting had the following Agenda : 1) To talk about the Indonesia Section participation at the 14th Workshop on Subsurface Electromagnetic Measurements to be held on 4th and 5th October, 2017 at Maison Franco-Japonaise (3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013, Japan),  2) The appointment of Program Officer for GRSS, Indonesia Section, 3) The appointment of Program Officer for AESS.

The meeting has resulted the following :

1) The Joint Chapter has agreed to send Mr. Oni Bibin Bintoro, to present the research paper with title :

Characterizing Peat Thickness Based on Common Mid Point (CMP) Ground Penetrating Radar – a Preliminary Result.

at the workshop which will be presented on 4-5 September 2017, in Tokyo, Japan.

The Workshop’s committee has advised its agreement to accept the paper.

2) The meeting has agreed to nominate Mr. Oni Bibin Bintoro to be J- Chapter Secretary, at the GRSS-AESS Joint Chapter, Indonesia Section of IEEE.

3) The meeting also agreed to appoint Mr. Wahyudi Hasbi, to be the Vice Chair at the GRSS-AESS Joint Chapter, Indonesia Section of IEEE.

4) Finally, the meeting has also agreed to appoint Mr. Arief Hamdani Gunawan, to be the Treasurer at the GRSS-AESS Joint Chapter, Indonesia Section of IEEE.